The Significance of Engaging the Services of a Bail Bonding Agency
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Every time a suspect of a crime is arrested, the officer’s in charge of law enforcement will take the individual to jail for booking. It is at this point that important information about the suspect is taken such as fingerprints and the person’s statement. The individual will remain in custody waiting for his court hearing unless he is released on bail, an amount of money that is set by the court to guarantee a suspect appearance on his court date for hearing without being in jail. The challenge comes when one is not in a position to pay the amount required, and it is at this point that a bail bondsman service is required. The bail bondsman arranges with the court to ensure that the suspect appears in all his/her court hearings and at the same time help the individual not to be separated from his/her family, work and even friends.

Services Offered by a Bail Bonding Agency

Working with a bail bonding agency, for instance, the bail bondsman set a required amount to be paid a fee so that the accused can be released on bail. For instance, a bail bondsman nashville tn will often charge a fee that is a percentage of the amount required to pay the bail. The fee is non-refundable even if the suspect’s case is thrown after he has posted the bail.

The bail bonding process involves taking information from the accused individual such as full legal name, the county where he is held, date of birth, what the charges are, the amount of bail, place, information on previous arrests and place of residence. The bail agent also assists in confirming the status of release, charges among others. In case the suspect does not appear in court for trial, the bondsman will contact a bounty hunter who will help track the defendant down and also sue for the money that was given to court on behalf of the defendant.

To offset the cost of the bail, the bail bonding agency will take security against the suspect’s assets. If the defendant does not have enough asset, the bondsman takes out security against the individual’s such friend and families who are willing to help the accused. The bondsman also requires a 10% cash payment in addition to the defendant’s mortgage home that will be equivalent to the amount of bail bond money owed if the security is taken out.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Bail Bondsman Service

It is of great importance that one gets a bail bonding agency whose services are exceptional. It is, therefore, necessary to always have the following factors your choice of agency: 24/7 and nationwide availability, ability to offer solution within the shortest time possible, possibility of getting the bail by fix, are they customer friendly and helpful, availability of special discount, are the services affordable and how accessible the bonding agency is. Also, before you hire a bail bondsman, it is also necessary to do a background check on reputation and that it is fully insured and licensed.

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