How to create an easy DIY weave ponytail
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How to create an easy DIY weave ponytail

From Beyonce’s braided ponytails to Ariana Grande’s signature updo, it’s clear that ponytails are having a moment. Though the style has been in high demand for the past few years, basic ponytails are out, and supersized, stylized ponytails are in. And you don’t need natural Rapunzel-length hair to get the look; weave ponytails are the best keep secret to help you fake it until you make it. You don’t even have to be a professional or aspiring hairstylist to master this hairdo. All you need are the right tools and the patience to get it done.


We must admit, there’s something about a fabulous ponytail that feels so empowering. It’s nice to conquer the world with your hair out of your way. Unfortunately, ponytails can cause a lot of tension in your hair, which may lead to hair breakage. The last thing we want to do when creating a flawless style is damaging our hair in the process. In other words, there’s definitely a right and a wrong way to do it

Whether your hair is bone-straight or kinky curly, here are some steps to help you create a weave ponytail hairstyle right from the comfort of your own home.

What is a ponytail?

A ponytail is a hairstyle of putting all your hair back your head which tied by the clip, hair tied or other tools. According to the location, you can see a low ponytail, middle ponytail, and high ponytail.

What Do You Need for a quick weave ponytail?

For all those of you who do not have the Rapunzel-like dreamy hair, get ready with the following items:

  • – Your how to do a quick weave ponytail step by step guide!
  • – Hair weave that you like, which may or may not match your hair color precisely, depends on how you want the final look. But you might want to match it to your hair texture so it looks naturally colored. The number of weaves will depend on the volume you need. Also, you are recommended to get the weave from reliable wholesale hair vendors suppliers, so that the quality and price will be much better.
  • – Your hairbrush and comb
  • – Hair moisturizer of your choice
  • – Non-alcohol hair gel
  • – Hair spray
  • – Hairbands/scrunchies
  • – Sticky bobby pins/fabric glue

How To Do A Quick Weave Ponytail Step By Step

  • Begin with clean hair, remove the tangles, and moisturize your hair. Removing the tangles and moisturizing your hair protects your hair and avoids damage when you comb. Lay down your hair in a uniform and neat manner.
  • Decide where you want to wear your ponytail and divide your hair if needed, make a clean parting with a comb.
  • Use styling gel and lay down your ponytail in the position you want it. Hold it in place with the help of hairbands or scrunchies.
  • Your hair should look sleek and tidy at the end of tying your ponytail with your natural hair. If your hair is thin, fold your hair into a bun, or if your hair is thicker, wear a straight braid. You will need this to hold the weave around it. You can also consider using a cap around your bun.
  • Lay down the weave on the table and fold it in half.
  • Use the sticky pins and fix the weave to the base of your hair, either the bun or the braid.
  • Wrap the weave around your bun or braid until your hair is covered up completely. You need to begin at the upper end of the bun and lower end of the braid and work your way up. If you are using a cap, wind the weave around the cap.
  • Use sticky pins generously while keeping your weave in place. Secure firmly when you reach the end of the weave.
  • Do not put too much tension at the base of your hair. Else, you will not be able to wear it for long. Keep enough tension to hold the hair but not so much that it feels heavy and hurts you.
  • Usually, one weave is enough unless you want extra volume, in which case use another weave.
  • See the final finishing of your hairdo. Release a lock of hair to fall on your face or hide the wefts of the weave.
  • Dry your hair well; use a low heat dryer if you are in a rush.
  • Using a hair spray allows you to wear the look for a more extended period. Commonly, this is optional; if you decide to use it, go in for a soft hair spray to avoid the brittle, crunchy look.
  • Some recommend using fabric glue to keep stick the weave with your hair, but the method we have on how to do a quick weave ponytail step by step is safer on your hair.
  • There are also sew-in weaves, which you can opt for as they stay in place for a longer time.

How Do I Make A Quick Weave Ponytail Stay Nice All Day?

Ever thought about how those headbangers in a party manage to keep their long mane in place all the while? We can help you with that! Firstly, follow the how to do a quick weave ponytail step by step guide mentioned above correctly.

You should go in for natural hair weaves as they blend well with your hair texture and contour and do not disengage as the day goes by. You can also easily dye the hair extension at home to make it look more attractive.

Treat your hair weave as you treat your hair! Wash and condition your hair weave with the same products that you use on your hair. Usually, this prevents damage to your weave, nourishes it, and prevents it from getting tangled up. You increase the life of your hair weave in this manner just like you enhance your hair!

How to make a ponytail with human hair bundles

Human hair bundles are popular for African America women. Normally people use them to make wigs, but the process is complex compare with making a ponytail.

People will ask how many human hair bundles do they need for a ponytail. As a professional hair seller, we suggest that you purchase at least 2 bundles per 100g. In the market, there are the various size of human hair weaves, but they’re only one size 100g per bundle in beauty forever hair store. The different section needs a different volume of hair.

This is the general step for making a ponytail by hair bundles

  • Brush your hair in the right section at how high you want your ponytail.
  • Tighten your hair and make it flat not mess.
  • Open the weave, use one clip on the weft and pin it on your hair, or braid it.
  • Wrap hair weaves at the root of your own ponytail till you think the hair is ok.
  • Use the brush to make the hair neat.

What Factors You Should Think About?

1 – Length

Generally, all hair bundles have an approximate weight of 100 grams. Those who have selected lengthy hair bundles will need more hair. If you are using hair more than 22 inches long, choose more than 3 bundles for a fuller appearance from root to tip.

2 – Texture

Some women like short bob and choose silky straight hair bundles. Two bundles with closure will be enough for them to get the desired look. Those who are using an extremely thick bob should get at least 3 bundles. However, someone looking for a shoulder-length bob or even longer with extreme fullness will need 5 bundles to complete the appearance.

3 – Size Of Your Head

The circumference of an average person’s head is 21 inches to 24 inches. Based on the size of the head, decide how many bundles do you need for a ponytail do you need for a sew-in. You have to adjust the number of bundles that need to be purchased.

4 – Frontal Or Closure

Closures generally are available in different sizes. Most people choose 4 x 4 inches as the size of closures. You will require at least 2 bundles of closure to get any type of hairstyle. One thing you need to remember is the weft will be shorter when the hair is longer.

Most of your head will be covered by the frontals. Hence, you need 2-3 bundles based on the length and style. The bundles can increase or decrease depending on the shape and size of the head, haircut and style, and length.


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